Owning a pool has been a luxurious perk for any home owner since the dawn of time, however pool filtration system can be a pain in the butt for many pool owners.

Having a pool in your backyard adds a number of obvious and not-so-obvious benefits versus not owning one.

For the obvious benefits, this includes: A recreational activity for your friends and family, added value to your home, a stronger liking by your friend circle, and more.

The not so obvious benefits to owning a pool include: A higher perceived social status, respect, recognition, and more. While owning a pool is an incredible accomplishment, it still requires a lot of maintenance.

Without maintenance, your pool could pose a ton of health risks for your family and friends. The still water inside your pool could be the home of bacteria that make you sick, therefore, you must make sure your pool water filters are working correctly.

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Here is a collection of expert tips to make sure that your pool filtration system is running smoothly.

Tip #1: Clean Your Pool Tiles To Increase Your Pool Filters Lifespan

One of the easiest and most overlooked solution is cleaning your pool tiles. While not everyone is able to get a glimpse of how dirty they get after a couple of pool uses, the truth still stands that pool tiles can develop mold and bacteria.

Our best and most affordable advice for cleaning your pool tiles is to use a simple baking soda mixture. Taking a bucket, fill it with warm water and add baking soda until it forms a thick-like paste. Using a sponge, rag, or unused shirt, soak it with the paste and scrub the tiles on your pool’s surface.

Tip #2: Use a Skimmer Basket

A skimmer basket is a basket that has incredibly small holes all around. This tip will help you filter out any debris or particles that enter your filter, saving you much worry and stress.

What you do with the skimmer basket, because the holes all around it aren’t small enough to catch the particles and debris, is tie it in an old panty hose.

Tying the skimmer basket with a panty hose will help you filter out those smart particles. Furthermore, because the panty hose fabric does a fantastic job, not only does it save you large amounts of money, but you can reuse it over and over again. Talk about efficient and cheap!

Tip #3: Vacuum Your Pool

Our third tip is to vacuum your pool, therefore getting rid of any excess leaves or unwanted debris that are near your pool filtration system. While our tip here is a no-brainer, the real gold nugget is how we’re going to show you the inexpensive way to do it.

It’s perfectly possible to create your own do it yourself vacuum, without shelling out hundreds of dollars for the real one. It does just as well as a real pool vacuum, but this saves you a ton of more money.

The materials you’ll need are: a 1 inch diameter hose, plastic funnel, pantyhose, a rubber band, and a glue gun. Taking the glue gun, glue the funnel to one end of the plastic tubing and then stretch the pantyhose over the funnel.

Lastly, secure this with a rubber band and that’s it!

After that, submerge the hose and funnel to eliminate any remaining air, and then afterwards, move the funnel on top of your suction filter inside the pool. Use the other end to vacuum the dirt and particles from the pool floor. Quick, easy, and affordable.

Tip #4: Two words — Diatomaceous Earth Powder, or D.E. Powder

Using a sand filter is one of the best ways to help ensure your pool filtration system is running at its highest capacity. However, in a few cases, sand filters will usually have issues filtering out finer particles. The reason for this may be due to wear-and-tear or age. That’s why using D.E. powder will help immensely.

Simply take a cup of D.E. powder and add it to your sand filter. This will give your sand filter that extra mileage in filtering out the finer and smaller particles and debris.

However, if you are worried about any safety issues, we highly recommend adding sand filter to your pool skimmer and letting it circulate completely throughout the entire filtration system.

Tip #5: Use A Net To Minimize Debris In Your Pool Filtration System

It would be a dream come true for many people if summer lasted all year round, but unfortunately, it does not. When the other seasons hit, it is often recommended to shelter your pool from any dirt or debris from the surrounding area. While many people are unaware, placing a large net over your pool will help your filtration system.

Adding a net over your pool provides you with a number of benefits including: Protection from outside dirt and debris, reduces the amount of work on your pool filtration system, and more.

It is also one of the most affordable options out in the market in case you’re looking for a quick fix. Your pool filtration system will surely run more smoothly as the net will help increase its life and reduce the amount of filtering that needs to be done.

Tip: Always consult with your local expert pool builders to discuss your pool filtration options. Click here to search your local pool contractors.