A professionally-built outdoor kitchen is one of the most sought-after features that homeowners ask for when they upgrade their backyard for entertainment and value purposes.

Here are the most amazing custom outdoor kitchen ideas and designs to get you inspired:

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1: Soft but Serious

Outdoor kitchen designs

This outdoor kitchen has a “soft but serious” look. From the warm patio floor to the delicate stone and marble countertops, this space feels totally welcoming. Blended with a professional-grade grill and plenty of storage, it’s obvious even the most experienced chef will feel right at home.

2: The Family Table

Outdoor kitchen ideas

The family table is the centerpiece of this petite yet functional outdoor kitchen. The gorgeous wood table set is large enough to get the whole family together. With a grill to match, everyone is sure to walk away full and happy.

3: No More, No Less

Browse pool outdoor kitchen

It’s the perfect size to get the job done. The wraparound shape keeps the outdoor kitchen from overwhelming the pool’s patio, ensuring there is plenty of space to run and splash in the sun.

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4: Tucked in the Tropics

Pergola backyard kitchen

This custom outdoor outdoor kitchen is surrounded by tropical beauty. Yet, framed inside this perfect pergola, it stands out and stays looking fresh and modern amidst the natural setting. With the addition of over-sized lanterns, designers have created a cozy feel in a vacation climate.

5: The Perfect Patio Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor patio with kitchen

This patio is perfect. The blend of bold lines and concentric circles pleases the eye without overwhelming the space. The addition of an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, in natural cut stone, keeps the patio feeling warm and welcoming.

6: Make a Statement

Backyard outdoor kitchens

This outdoor kitchen makes a bold statement with the use of a Jerusalem Stone as the base and countertop. The raw stone gives an exotic feel to the entire space and draws eyes to its unique color and cut. With the addition of iron furniture and accessories, the patio is complete.

7: Peace & Quiet

backyard outdoor kitchen ideas

Relaxation is key. With cushions, countertops, and patio flooring in warm earthtones, this outdoor kitchen welcomes peace and quiet–a space to prepare and enjoy a meal. The olive branch detail on the tiled kitchen base mimics the natural and surrounding beauty of this outdoor getaway.

8: A Pillar of Strength

Pergola Outdoor Kitchen

The addition of classic white pillars gives any patio a timeless and elegant look. With a kitchen built in warm stone and surrounded by perfectly pruned greenery, this space feels akin to a Greek god’s paradise. With the addition of several modern umbrellas, everyone will feel classy and comfortable in this outdoor kitchen.

9: Storybook Perfection

Small outdoor kitchen with fire pit

Set in a woodland garden and made from castle stone, this outdoor kitchen feels as though it stepped from the pages of your favorite storybook. While the look and feel is enchanting, the function is still modern, including a stainless grill and pizza oven.

10: Beyond your Dreams

Amazing outdoor kitchen

Dreams can become reality. This outdoor kitchen is built in a totally natural pool, overlooking incredible falls. Imagine listening to the sounds on a real waterfall while preparing a favorite meal. With a pizza oven, state-of-the-art grill and plenty of counter space, this dream is a true possibility.

11: Clean Lines, Clean Kitchen

Clean ceramic tiles outdoor kitchens

While set in a wetland habitat, this outdoor kitchen and patio has a fresh and clean feel. The use of light beachy wood and tight lines creates that clean feel in an environment made for messes. When blended with stainless appliances, knobs, and details the modern look takes on a character of its own.

Download All 50 Designs & Ideas in PDF Format
Do you find this guide useful? Download 50 outdoor kitchen designs and ideas in PDF (ebook) format
Click Here To Download Now

12: That Summer Feeling

Outdoor kitchen at home

The bright colors incorporated into this outdoor kitchen call for summer fun. While the kitchen is built in timeless neutrals of gray and white, a few well-placed planters turn up the volume and incorporate the space into the patio’s playful spirit. Make sure you have rules for children and guests so that your pool area is safe.

13: Southwest Style

Outdoor kitchen grill

Living in the Southwest means finding creative ways to stay cool. A custom outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy the sun while ensuring iced drinks and tasty treats are within arms reach. Building this outdoor kitchen out of clay and adobe-like materials maintains the natural and earthy vibes of desert culture.

14: One for the Woods

Stone outdoor kitchen

Privacy is key to enjoying life in your outdoor kitchen. This patio is surrounded by beautiful pines which keep the party private while also creating a rustic look and feel. Using mountain stone to build this jaw-dropping fireplace, oven, and countertop helps complete that cabin-in-the-woods theme.

15: Use Space Wisely

Outdoor kitchen pool

This patio uses space perfectly. A pool, lounge area, and outdoor kitchen are all packed into a small backyard without any feeling of being cramped or crowded. Using light stone helps illuminate the patio and makes the space look even bigger than it is.


Having a professionally-built custom outdoor kitchen can have a lot of benefits for homeowners. Some of the benefits include:

– A professionally-built outdoor kitchen can increase your home value
– Great entertainment for family and friends
– Eat healthier food
– Save money on restaurant meals
– Keep your house free from grease and smell
– Expand your living space

We hope you find the best outdoor kitchen ideas for your project. Click here to search local outdoor kitchen contractors and ask your questions.

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